Premsela Design Stories

In the Premsela Design Stories series, Premsela and nai010 publishers tell tales from Dutch design history. Each volume centres on an iconic object that is characteristic of a particular period and has played an important role in design’s evolution.
Premsela works on behalf of the growth of Dutch design. We believe design helps us to solve social problems and makes economic and technological contributions as well as enriching aesthetic experience. In our projects, we work closely with a large number of Dutch and foreign partners, cultural institutions and businesses. Premsela initiates and supports the publication of books on Dutch design. We support dedicated research aimed at preserving Dutch cultural heritage and making it accessible for the general public. This work includes the Premsela Design Stories books, in which young authors as well as established names present the results of their research and place iconic objects in a new light. 

The first volume in the series, Marijke Kuper’s Rietveld's Chair, appeared in 2011, accompanied by a documentary DVD directed by Lex Reitsma. It sold out quickly, and a second printing will follow in September. A second book, Frederike Huijgen’s The Style of the Stedelijk, will launch in September, also accompanied by a documentary by Reitsma. This autumn will see two new instalments in the series, Zahid Sardar’s The Dutch Bike and Yvonne Brentjens’s Friso Kramer’s Chair.

The Style of the Stedelijk
Frederike Huijgen

The Dutch Bike
Zahid Sardar

Friso Kramer's Chair
Yvonne Brentjens