Other Publications

Premsela is involved in the publication of numerous design- and fashion-related books. For a selection of titles and ordering information, see below.

Joop Istha

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Joop Istha, born in 1933 in Amsterdam, belonged to the Netherlands’ first generation of industrial designers, who developed consumer goods for the postwar mass market in which form was as important as function. Well-known examples of his work include refrigerators and washing machines for the Erres appliance company.

Joop Istha, edited by Marie Christine van der Sman and featuring contributions by Kiko Luijten and Frederike Huijgen, is published in Dutch and English by [Z]OO producties and the Louis Kalff Instituut.

The Louis Kalff Instituut, a new heritage centre for industrial design archives, receives support from Premsela, Design Cooperation Brainport, the Nederlands Archief Grafisch Ontwerpers and the Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven. Premsela works with the Louis Kalff Instituut to make design heritage accessible to a broad audience.


Rietveld's Chair










The film and book Rietveld's Chair tell the story of Gerrit Rietveld’s red-and-blue chair, as uncovered by art historian Marijke Kuper, who undertook to find out how the modernist icon was born and how it was viewed and used in its day.
The graphic designer and filmmaker Lex Reitsma’s documentary features Jurjen Creman’s reconstruction of the lost first version of the chair. Through family snapshots and letters, Professor Erik A. de Jong recalls how his grandparents lived with their Rietveld furniture in the 1920s. In stark contrast, other footage shows how the chair has lost its original function and gained a symbolic value expressed in astronomical prices. 

Rietveld's Chair. By Marijke Kuper and Lex Reitsma. Available for €19.95 at bookshops and from NAi Publishers. ISBN: 978-90-5662-778-2. 


From Mad Dutch Disease to Born to Adorn: Premsela Lectures 2004-2010










Over the past seven years, Premsela has invited six speakers from outside the world of design to share their views on current developments in the field. Through the Premsela Lectures, we contribute to the discourse on design and fashion. We have collected the first six - by Michael Rock, Werner Sewing, Ann Meskens, Józef Mrozek, Henk Oosterling and Nancy Etcoff - in the beautifully designed, conveniently sized book From Mad Dutch Disease to Born to Adorn. To request a copy, email, with "Premsela Lectures Book" in the subject line. 












Morf is an independent Dutch design magazine that aims to promote a broad perspective on the subject. Founded in December 2004, it is the country's largest design magazine, with a print run of 12,500. Morf is published twice a year by Premsela and distributed to design students on registered courses in Dutch higher education. Others can order it from the Amsterdam bookshop Nijhof & Lee. Individual copies cost €10. Premsela also offers annual subscriptions (two issues) for €17.50; these are available from


Benno Premsela. Voorvechter van homo-emancipatie









With his enchanting shop windows for De Bijenkorf, his practical Lotek lamp and his bold cotton carpets, Benno Premsela became known to the general Dutch public as an outstanding interior and industrial designer. His many advisory roles in the arena of art and culture further made his name as a trendsetter of modernisation. Benno Premsela also worked for the emancipation of gay men and women in an era when homosexuality was taboo. He realised he was gay while in hiding during the Second World War. After liberation, he found little room to be who he was. First he had been undesirable as a Jew; as a gay man he still had no place. But Premsela refused to be pushed aside, fought for recognition, and ultimately succeeded. This book sketches the eventful life of a passionate person in a turbulent age.

Benno Premsela. Voorvechter van homo-emancipatie. Bert Boelaars, 2008, in Dutch. Available in bookshops. ISBN: 978-90-68684-53-7.

Een relatie met ruimte







Friso Broeksma asked 80 friends and acquaintances of his and Benno Premsela's to articulate their views on relationships and space. This is a companion volume to Bert Boelaars's biography. Together, the two books bear witness to a life lived as publicly as possible. Benno Premsela had only one secret: that he had no secrets.

Een relatie met ruimte. Friso Broeksma and Benno Premsela, 2008, in Dutch. Available from Architectura en Natura. ISBN: 978-90-76863-81-8.


Visies op Vormgeving. Het Nederlandse ontwerpen in teksten, Vols. 1 (1874-1940) and 2 (1944-2000)









In two volumes totaling almost 1,000 pages, original texts reveal 20th-century Dutch design history. These writings bring to life the debates, issues, criticism and practices in the design world of the day. Designers, critics, clients and others speak out about practices and ideals and discuss wide-ranging issues like correct design methods, community art, homes, advertising, the New Objectivity and, later, the graphic industry and the designer's position in the business world. Editor Frederike Huygen has included a wealth of sources, from critical essays and manifestos to letters, books and magazines. These are complemented by biographies of relevant people and profiles of periodicals.

Visies op vormgeving, Vols. 1 and 2. Frederike Huygen, in Dutch. Designed by Caroline de Lint. Available for €35 per volume at bookshops and from Nijhof & Lee. ISBN 978-90-76863-42-9.


De vorm van het koningschap. 25 jaar ontwerpen voor Beatrix






Queen Beatrix has expressed her great interest in modern art and design time after time. This book by Paul Hefting, Els Kuijpers and Gert Staal looks at the design commissions she has been directly or indirectly involved in. It is a Premsela project published to mark Queen Beatrix's 25-year jubilee.

De vorm van het koningschap. Paul Hefting, Els Kuijpers and Gert Staal, 2005, in Dutch. Available from the publisher, 010 publishers, for €24,50. ISBN 90-6450-561-6.


Senior ontwerper gevraagd








Guus Ros interviews the designers Ko Feekman, Daphne Duijvelshoff-van Peski, Henk de Vries, Ralph Prins, Angela de Vrede, Diek Zweegman, Louis Lucker, Bas Pruyser, Hein Stolle, Puck Kroon and Hans Kemming. 

Senior ontwerper gevraagd. Guus Ros. A publication of [Z]OO Producties, Premsela and the Association of Dutch Designers, 2006, in Dutch. Available for €15 from [Z]OO Producties. ISBN: 90-74009-43-3.

Het ontwerpproces bewaard









This handy little book offers a host of tips for architects, design firms and designers. In every two- or three-dimensional design process, certain key moments are recorded. A designer has an interest in preserving the resulting objects and documents for the long term – that is, archiving them. This booklet is a guide to maintaining an archive, a practice important for the designer’s business but also for potential later inclusion in museum and archive collections.

Het ontwerproces bewaard is a project of the Netherlands Architecture Institute with Premsela and the Netherlands Institute for Art History. Available for €5 from Nijhof & Lee.


Design in the Creative Economy: A Summary





An English summary of the TNO scientific research institute’s report ‘Vormgeving in de creatieve economie’, commissioned by Premsela. Bureau Mijksenaar designed the booklet.

Design in the Creative Economy: A Summary. TNO. Available with Fashion Design in the Netherlands for €12 from Nijhof & Lee.

Fashion Design in the Netherlands

An English summary of Monique Roso’s report ‘Modevormgeving in Nederland’, commissioned by Premsela. Bureau Mijksenaar designed the booklet. 

Fashion Design in the Netherlands. Monique Roso. Available with Design in the Creative Economy: A Summary for €12 from Nijhof & Lee.