Morf 17 investigates surrealism, with an excerpt from Andre Breton’s surrealist manifesto and a unique interview with the artist Madelon Vriesendorp. The issue also features Kees de Haan’s winning entry in the magazine's 2012 essay contest, 'Een muilkorf om de zon’ (‘A Muzzle on the Sun’). Morf 17 was distributed to design students at Dutch colleges and universities in early May.

Essay contest
This year’s Morf essay contest challenged students to write about the statement “Design is not an exclusively rational process. The methods and techniques of the surrealists, with their fantastic associations and unbridled imagination, play an important role in the creation of any design, whether or not they are consciously applied.” The editorial staff chose De Haan, a second-year student in Image and Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, as the first-place winner. Valerie Schreur won second place, and Edwin van de Velde took third.

Deputy editor Sybrand Zijlstra, the jury chairman, wrote in his report that De Haan’s essay “stands out above the other entries in every respect. A good essay proceeds in a single flowing movement and arrives at a conclusion that appears inevitable. This is achieved not through academically sound underpinnings but through the weight of the author’s argument, his or her precision and persuasiveness, and the magic of language. All these aspects are present in ‘Een muilkorf om de zon’. It's a good thing this is the winning essay (see p. 163 of Morf #17), because I can’t sum it up.”

About Morf
The independent Dutch-language magazine Morf seeks to promote a broad view of design. It has been distributed to design students in the Netherlands since December 2004. Its circulation of 12,500 makes it the country’s biggest design magazine. Premsela publishes Morf twice a year.

Morf encourages students to think critically about themselves and the profession. Each issue contains a mix of classic texts, selected reprints and original articles. Morf offers new ways of thinking about design and the ways it overlaps with other disciplines.

Where to get Morf
Morf is distributed free to design students at registered Dutch higher education institutions. If your university or college does not yet receive it, email Karina Smrkovsky.

Subscriptions are available from Abonnementenland; recent graduates receive a discount (see right).

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Morf editorial staff
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Associate editor: Samira Ben Laloua
Associate editor: Georgette Koning
Associate editor: Jan Konings
Editoral assistant and picture editor: Rana Ghavami
Graphic design: 75B

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Morf published one issue in 2012 instead of the usual two; subscription expiry dates have been adjusted accordingly.