Premsela regularly produces books and other publications on design and fashion topics, often in collaboration with partners.
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Current projects

Open Design Now Publications

Open Design Now

The first survey of the exciting new field of open design sheds light on its origins, current driving forces and possible future scenarios. Publications

The premier international online portal for Dutch design serves up news, exclusive interviews and reports of noteworthy happenings in the Netherlands and abroad.
Grafisch Geluk Publications

Grafisch Geluk

"The book Grafisch Geluk and the exhibition of the same name sing an ode to the famous Hilversum printer that inspired graphic designers to produce their best work,” Bob Witman wrote in De Volkskrant.

Save As…

Karin van der Heiden’s concise handbook for graphic designers, produced with Premsela, contains handy tips for storing work.

Reference work

On Jewellery

International experts shared their views on contemporary jewellery design at the Jewellery Unleashed! symposium. Guest curator Liesbeth den Besten details the current state of the field in On Jewellery.
Student magazine


Premsela's independent Dutch-language magazine seeks to promote a broad view of design. Morf encourages students to think critically about themselves and the profession. Each issue contains a mix of classic texts, selected reprints and original articles.

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