National Design Archive

A Dutch-language database collecting details of the Netherlands’ design heritage collections went online on Tuesday 18 December. The National Design Archive (NOA) lists 2,000 Dutch designers, galleries, associations, agencies and companies and contains profiles of 500 of them, as well as details of archives and museum collections. It reveals countless links between people, institutions, archives, collections and illustrations.

Users can search the NOA for designers’ and archives’ names to find out about available materials and filter them by object type – e.g., photograph, letter, sketch or model. They can find specific collections or simply browse and learn about Dutch design history.

Design heritage clearinghouse
Premsela coordinates details of Dutch design and fashion heritage materials through the NOA in association with museums and archival institutions that house the materials – so-called heritage clusters. The NOA brings together information from the RKD’s Central Register of Design Archives and its RKDartists& database and links it to illustrations and descriptions from museum collections. The interface is the result of a years-long joint project by Premsela, the RKD and the NAi and was developed with Picturae.

NOA helpdesk
The NOA welcomes additional information on missing dates and locations. To register an archive, contact the NOA helpdesk. The NOA also provides advice on creating and housing archives and collections. Its English-language brochure Save As... is available from
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Heritage clusters
Keeping expertise local

NOA helpdesk
To submit details of a designer’s archive or ask a question about archiving, email the NOA helpdesk or call +31 (0)20 3449 443.