Henriette Tilanus wins at Lichting

Henriëtte Tilanus has won the prize for the best collection at Lichting 2013 Supported by G-Star Raw. Thirteen new fashion graduates presented their degree work to industry professionals, including a panel of commentators, in the spectacular catwalk show on 16 July at Amsterdam Fashion Week. The experts chose Tilanus, of Arnhem’s ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, to receive the G-Star Raw Talent Award. It carries a €10,000 cash prize and a chance to be backstage at an international G-Star event and was presented by G-Star Raw brand manager Remco de Nijs. For more information and interviews, see the Lichting website.

Tilanus’s collection, Let the Dust Settle In, took inspiration from Dame Edith Sitwell, a British writer known for her eccentric appearance. Tilanus incorporated experimental textile treatments – denim hand-bleached into a chequered pattern, abstract floral embroidery using expensive beads and cheap plastic – in a fresh, modern collection that was original and expressive yet wearable.

The New Institute invited an international panel to provide commentary and help select the prizewinner. The guests were Alexander Fury (fashion editor of The Independent), Maarten van der Horst (designer and ex-Lichting participant), Robb Young (journalist and consultant) and Stefan Siegel (founder of Not Just a Label).

The panellists praised this year’s crop of designers:

Alexander Fury: “Every collection I saw surprised me. I didn’t see anything disappointing. And, more to the point nowadays, nothing was boring.”

Maarten van der Horst: “The Netherlands has demonstrated once again that it’s anything but creatively bankrupt.”

Robb Young: “I predict that among the strong characters of this new graduating class there will definitely be designers who can survive on the international circuit.”

Stefan Siegel: “These 13 graduates represent the class of 2013, a group of designers who will shape the industry, if we give them the chance.”


2013 nominees

Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design
-    Anna Kathryn Gregor

AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute
-    Anne van den Bogaard
-    Jazz Kuipers

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (Arnhem)
-    Anneleen Bartels
-    Henriëtte Tilanus

Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)
-    Duran Lantink
-    Nikki Milioni

Utrecht School of the Arts
-    Anbasja Blanken
-    Wenda Harmsen

Royal Academy of Art (The Hague)
-    Dewi Bekker
-    Loekie Mulder

Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam)
-    Katrien Baaij
-    Maartje van Hooij

About Lichting
Lichting was founded in 2007 to help close the gap between the academies and the industry. Each year, seven senior fashion lecturers select two students each to participate. Yvonne Kwok won the 2012 Lichting award, provided by G-Star. The 2011 winner was Sanne Schepers of ArtEZ. She was preceded by Marije De Haan of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2010, Ann Boogaerts of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in 2009, Anneloes van Osselaer of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2008, and Ivo Mittelmeijer of ArtEZ in 2007. For more information and pictures of past nominees' collections, see the Lichting website

Lichting 2013 is a project of The New Institute, HTNK Fashion Recruitment & Consultancy and Amsterdam Fashion Week with G-Star Raw.