The Dutch Design Fashion and Architecture (DutchDFA) programme works to strengthen the position of the Dutch creative industry in China, India and Germany through communication, network development and research. A joint project of representatives of the design, fashion and architecture industries and Dutch government ministries, the four-year programme will operate through 2012.

Dutch Design Desks Day @ Dutch Design Week
Thursday 25 October it is Dutch Design Desks Day in Eindhoven from 9.30am - 1.00pm.
Doing business abroad offers many new opportunities for Dutch designers. New clients, new markets for their products and services, and new partners to collaborate with. However, with these opportunities come challenges.
With Dutch Design Desks and Workspaces in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Istanbul and Maastricht a unique method has been developed that offers services specifically for Dutch creative companies doing business abroad. By combining forces within the Dutch Design Worldwide network and creating a new, joint 'front desk' in the Netherlands, they will be even better equipped to assist, advise, coach and support Dutch companies that want to take the first or next step in doing business abroad.
This morning you have the opportunity to meet the network. You will get information on what the network is about, what services it can provide and how you can become involved. You also meet creative entrepreneurs with prior experience in working with the Desks. The directors of the Desks will tell you all about chances and opportunities in India, China, Turkey and Germany. There will also be a lot of time for your questions and networking.
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Building on success
Dutch architecture, fashion and design are enjoying growing international success, and we seek to build on it through DutchDFA. We started the programme in time of rapid change. Sustainable development against a backdrop of globalisation is the great challenge of our time. With their creativity, expertise and innovative power, Dutch designers can make a crucial contribution. “All of the Netherlands is designed,” the MP and ex-Minister of Culture Ronald Plasterk has said. “The Dutch are good at making things, and making them well. Our design industry is one of the best in the world. The DutchDFA programme will help the Netherlands to maintain and strengthen its position at the top.”

A temporary enhancement
DutchDFA is a temporary addition to the previously existing infrastructure for supporting Dutch fashion, architecture and design and their internationalisation. It does not replace this infrastructure. DutchDFA’s multidisciplinary approach, combination of forces and multiyear country programmes distinguish it from other initiatives.

Annual presentation
DutchDFA reported on all the international activities it's made possible at its annual meeting in April. While the program will terminate at year’s end, the government indicates it's considering a follow-up programme, as backed by its Topteam Creatieve Industrie advisory group. More news will be announced in summer. DutchDFA’s annual report for year three is available for download.

DutchDFA is an initiative of Premsela, the Netherlands Architecture Institute, the Association of Dutch Designers, the Government Buildings Agency, the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, the Dutch Association of Interior Architects, Modint, and the cities of Amsterdam, Arnhem, The Hague, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The initiators are represented in the Regiegroep DutchDFA.

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