The Best of Dutch Book Design

The Netherlands has become known for top-flight book designs, thanks to a flourishing graphic design culture that’s produced internationally famous names like Irma Boom and Joost Grootens. An exhibition of the best-designed Dutch books will be on view from Saturday 11 through Saturday 25 May at the School of Form in Poznan, Poland.

Every year since 1926, an expert jury has selected the 30 best-looking new Dutch books for inclusion in The Best of Dutch Book Design. Jurors look at materials and printing quality as well as graphic design and typography. Printers with a passion for their work and a love of books play an important role, as do the commissioners of the designs – the publishers – who are often passionate about books and have a keen feeling for their tactile and visual qualities.

2012’s The Best of Dutch Book Design went on the road in October. The show, made up of last year’s 30 best-looking books plus the top 12 from previous years, has so far been to Mumbai, India; Yasar University in Izmir, Turkey; and the Istanbul Book Fair.

The Best of Dutch Book Design is a coproduction of The New Institute, the SICA Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities, the Association of Dutch Designers, the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Stichting De Best Verzorgde Boeken.

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The Best of Dutch Book Design
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The Best of Dutch Book Design
Date: Sat 11–Sat 25 May
Location: School of Form, Poznan, Poland