The White Lady Lectures

“If design frames life, design education forms the future!” is the core didactic strategy of the Design Academy Eindhoven and main organizer of the White Lady Lecture programme. This clearly communicates that design is no longer about tools and products, but is pervasive in our daily lives and plays a key role in a variety of disciplines. Premsela, The Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion regards design as an “ act of critical optimism.” New ideas need to be tested in the public domain through research, critical feedback or studies in economical feasibility. 
The White Lady programme of 2012 will address these questions.

Explore; explain; exploit 

Designers & Design Thinkers of international renown tackle questions, flesh out new design worlds and give inspiration. The White Lady programme focuses on the cultural, social and economical context of design with monthly lectures, debates and talks. The programme presents acknowledged design thinkers and makers from in and outside the design discipline. The aim is to explore how design is related to societal developments and vice versa.

7 March: Participatory & Interdisciplinary Research 

Christian Nold & Mike Thompson 

How can we make use of the information we gather about our own bodies? That question triggered designer Christian Nold to create 'Bio Mapping'. Instead of security technologies that are designed to control our behaviour, Nold envisages new tools, like Galvanic Skin Response, that allow people to selectively share and interpret their own bio data. 
A similar project is being conducted by Mike Thompson, a research associate in the CRISP* project. Thompson researches how job related stress can be measured and interpreted using devices like Galvanic Skin Response. Thompson conducted several workshops using tools and devices like customer journey and stakeholder maps.


March: Sensible Research 

Sissel Tolaas & Caro Verbeek

Although we breathe in about 27,000 times each day it is difficult for us to recognize and describe scents. This White Lady Lecture will challenge our sense of smell. 
The lecture was introduced by the Dutch Art critic and scent expert Caro Verbeek who uses scent and tactility to create multi-sensory experiences and events. 
After this introduction, Sissel Tolaas spoke about her work. Tolaas is a world-renowned scent expert who develops conceptual fragrance studies for museums and for megabrands like Coty. Tolaas developed a lexicon of newly invented smell terms called NASALO, aided in part by the library of nearly 7,000 scent specimens. 

28 March: This is Service Design Thinking: Research Tools!

Marck Stickdorn & Alex Zakkas & Jonathan Wray 

Suddenly they became buzzwords, Service Design and Design Thinking. But what is Service Deisgn Thinking? That simple question drove Marc Stickdorn to write a book. ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ outlines the new methodology and explains its background, process and tools, such as blueprints, customer journeys and stakeholders maps. This lecture is followed by a talk by interaction designer Alex Zakkas & CRISP research associate Jonathan Wray. Zakkas is a curious observer of human activities. He is keen on public art and researching wrong approaches. 

11 April: Open Design Research! 

John Boult & Twan Verdonck 

John Boult, Associate Professor of Design Strategy at Brunel University, believes that open design is the best way to achieve true innovation, which led him to start the first masters course in the UK and Europe that deals with the subject. Boult will introduce this challenging research methodology and show some interesting outcomes.

This lecture is followed by a talk by DAE alumni student Twan Verdonck. After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven and Brunel University he started his company Neo Human Toys, through which he initiates projects and develops products based on Open Design.

9 May: Meta & Slow Research 

Daniel van der Velden & Rene Boomkens 

Reflecting on political and social issues with provocative design object is the core business of Metahaven, the research studio of Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden. One of the topics they are interested in is the value of design in geopolitical instable times. Design has become a very powerpfull visual instrument also for political thinkers. They use the design tools to carefully create an identity. How transparent are these systems?  That question drove Metahaven to write the book 'Uncorporate Identity'. 
The lecture of Van de Velden is followed by cultural philosopher Rene Boomkens who in his latest work Top Kitch and Slow science warns for the fact that universities and scientific research are treated as economical forces. What does this mean for research, the critical role of the scientist?

16 May: A New Ethos for Design? 

Michiel Schwarz, Hermand Miller, 2012 Architects, UNITHINGS and Markus Kayser

In the book 'Sustainism is the new modernism', Michiel Schwarz, consultant and researcher on contemporary technological culture, carries out the message that we are slightly moving into a world where we are more connected, more locally orientated, more digital and …more sustainable! How does this world look like and what does this mean for designers? How to involve this way of thinking in the research process? 

In this lecture architects, designers, digital entrepreneurs and cultural researchers will give short talks about this “new” movement and how to operate successfully in the green world.

Markus Kayser, Solar Sinter project
In a world increasingly concerned with questions of energy production and raw material shortages, this project explores the potential of desert manufacturing, where energy and material occur in abundance. In the Solar Sinter Project Kayser Markus Kayser experiments with sunlight and sand which he uses as raw energy and material to produce glass objects using a 3D printing process, that combines natural energy and material with high-tech production technology.

Cesare Peeren, Jan Jongert 2012 architects
2012Architecten designs products and buildings and develops strategies to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society. they develop processes that empower local exchange and production, as an alternative to transporting our resources, products and components around the globe. The work of 2012Architecten shows that waste streams and limited resources are an opportunity for innovative design.

UNITHINGS is a University-wide online platform that creates the ability to exchange your things from previous projects, assignments and other activities. Students and employees are able to offer and purchase their things from each other within the University.

Wessel Breeuwsma/ Herman Miller
The international design firm Herman Miller strongly believes in a Journey toward Sustainability. The firm aims to design all their products with consideration for their environmental impact.

30 May: Future Well Being Research

Joris Visser, Grant Harrison & Research Associates Crisp

Grant Harrison & Research Associates Crisp
“We design, speak and consult to inspire health” is the slogan of the Future Well. The Future Well institute strongly beliefs in consumer engagement systems. Parkinson works together with Grant Harrison who has a passion for the human side of health. He's fascinated by linking health attitudes to health behaviours and helping clients create health products, services and experiences to the right people at the right time.
Joris Visser is a research associate in the CRISP project and researches how to stimulate mobility with elderly. Also 2 research associates of the Gmotiv project will share their thoughts on how serious games can be used as a stimulate to help addicts, stimulate social interaction or physical activities.

“If design frames life, design education forms the future!”
11 April: Open Design Research
John Boult en Twan Verdonck
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The White Lady Programme 2012

Location: Designhuis Eindhoven
Stadhuisplein 3
7, 14 en 28 march,
11 april,
9, 16, 30 may
wednesday from 3:30 PM until 5 PM
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White Lady Lectures

Head: research/organisatie: Danielle Arets, knowledge transfer Design Academy Eindhvoen & associate reader Strategic Creativity (CRISP research project)

Project manager Premsela: Bart Heerdink