The Perfect Cut

The US filmmaker and photographer Zach Gold and the Dutch photography duo Petrovsky & Ramone discussed the interplay between fashion and film in onstage interviews in Istanbul on Thursday 11 October. The event, a new instalment of our public interview series The Perfect Cut, took place during Istanbul Fashion Week. The guests paid particular attention to the fashion film's respective positions in the Netherlands and Turkey.

As more and more fashion houses and designers use film, video and online media to inspire, disseminate and sell their designs, Premsela invites filmmakers and experts to discuss the phenomenon in talks and interviews illustrated with film clips. The Perfect Cut encourages designers to think about how they might use new presentation forms to profile themselves and promote their work.

Zach Gold and Petrovsky & Ramone
Zach Gold has created photographs and films for fashion brands and designers including A.F. Vandevorst, Nom de Guerre, Issey Miyake and Iris van Herpen (for Premsela's exhibition Basic Instincts). Vogue called one of his films "the beginning of a whole new genre of entertainment: fashion cinema."

Petra van Bennekum and Morena Westerik – aka Petrovsky & Ramone – make raw, documentary-style photo and video reports on fashion and other subjects for Dutch and foreign magazines. They push the boundaries of the photographic and moving image and travel to regions from the Middle East to the United States for shoots.

The interviews were conducted by Ece Sukan, the fashion and style director of Turkish Vogue, and Erkem Savaskan, a lecturer in design culture at İstanbul Bilgi University.

The Perfect Cut Istanbul is part of the Dutch Design Fashion Architecture programme and is a coproduction of Premsela and the İstanbul Moda Akademisi.

Dialogue between fashion and film
Fashion designers' work has always found its way into the arts, particularly film, because of the need for costumes. Video and online applications have provided new ways for designers and fashion houses to profile and develop themselves creatively. As a result, collaboration between independent filmmakers and fashion houses has exploded in recent years. Films screened in The Perfect Cut have included the Chinese artist Yang Fudong's First Spring, made for Prada; the British-American animators the Brothers Quay’s Wonderwood, made for Comme des Garçons; and Daishi Matsunaga’s documentary Pyuupiru 2001–2008, on the life and work of the Japanese fashion designer and transgender artist.

Previous events
In summer 2011's The Perfect Cut: Maastricht Edition, the British fashion designer Carri Munden, aka Cassette Playa, and the US fashion photographer and artist Michael James O’Brien gave interviews in the southern Dutch city at the architecture and design centre NAiM/Bureau Europa. The Perfect Cut: Maastricht Edition accompanied the exhibition Out of Fashion: Maastricht Edition, which was based on a concept of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and Glamcult Studio and ran from 14 May to 26 June.

In the first Perfect Cut lectures, held in January 2011 by Premsela with the IFFR, photographer Dino Dinco, SHOWstudio director Alexander Fury, filmmaker Zach Gold, and art director and imagemaker Marc Ascoli talked about the mutual influence of fashion and independent film. The photographer Ari Versluis introduced Dinco’s and Fury’s talks and interviewed Gold and Ascoli on stage.

Dinco talked about his independent work and his role in founding the You Wear It Well festival and screened his film El Abuelo. Gold spoke about his recent film String Theory for the Belgian fashion house A.F. Vandevorst; he has also worked for brands including Nom de Guerre and Issey Miyake. Fury, whose SHOWstudio is a digital platform set up partly for the distribution of fashion films, screened several, including one by Ruth Hogben for designer Gareth Pugh's Spring-Summer 2011 collection. Finally, Ascoli spoke about the importance of art direction and his work for various fashion labels over the years. Following his interview, IFFR screened films including Ari Marcopoulos’s Claremont, made for the designer Adam Kimmel.

A still from Zach Gold's film Face Off.
Petrovsky & Ramone
At The Perfect Cut Instanbul
Michael James O'Brien
At The Perfect Cut Maastricht
Cassette Playa
At The Perfect Cut Maastricht
Marc Ascoli
At The Perfect Cut Rotterdam
Zach Gold
At The Perfect Cut Rotterdam
Dino Dinco
At The Perfect Cut Rotterdam