Food Culture activities

The exhibition Food Culture: Eating by Design shows the kinds of solutions designers can contribute as we make necessary changes to the food chain in the future. Curated by the designer Marije Vogelzang, it runs through Sunday 30 September at the Designhuis in Eindhoven. Premsela is hosting a series of timely, provocative films, dinners, workshops and talks for adults and children during the exhibition.

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Food Film Festival evenings
On Saturday 21 July, 25 August and 29 September, the Food Film Festival will organise sense-tickling themed evenings at the Designhuis in partnership with Premsela. Films will be screened at 4pm, with interesting and tasty food- and design-focused activities to follow. For the latest on films and guests, see the Designhuis website.

Food Design: Saturday 21 July
Eating is about much more than just stilling hunger, and this documentary reveals its many other aspects. Humans’ experience of taste is complex. We’ve become masters at designing what we eat. Every day, without thinking about it, we eat foods hatched on designers’ drawing tables. Food designers ensure the things we eat are attractive to all our senses. A special guest will give a talk after the screening, and a Food Design dinner will take place at 6.30pm. Talented chefs have worked to ensure an unforgettable meal. To book, email, mentioning “FoodFilm” and the number of people in your party.
Food Design/ Documentary / Martin Hablesreiter and Sonja Stummerer / Austria / 2008 / 52 min. / English subtitles
Film: 4pm   
Dinner: 6.30pm
Admission: Designhuis admission fee; dinner €35  (SOLD OUT)

De Aardappeleters: Saturday 25 August
A country’s snacks tell us a lot about its dining culture, forms of social interaction and national pride. In the Netherlands, the kroket is emblematic of the way we eat. Join us on an inquisitive journey into the world of snacks, featuring the documentary De Aardappeleters, talks by Karlijn Souren, Renske de Greef and Andreia Costa and, of course, snacks that will make your mouth water.
De Aardappeleters/ Documentary / Arno Hagers / Dutch / 2011 / 52 min. 
Film: 4pm
Admission: Designhuis admission fee

Taste the Waste: Saturday 29 September
The documentary Taste the Waste made waves with the revelation that 40 per cent of our food gets lost on the way from the farm to the table. It’s time to do something about that. We’ll close the Food Film Festial at the Designhuis with a harvest feast: an ode to crooked cucumbers, pigs’ snouts and lost harvests. Find out how tasty the poor stepchildren of the food industry can be, and get inspired by clever new ideas. After dinner, we’ll talk to special guests about dealing with food waste in creative, culinary ways. Book at, mentioning “Harvest” and the number of people in  your party.
Film: 4pm
Dinner: 6.30pm
Admission: Designhuis admission fee; dinner €10

About the Food Film Festival
The Food Film Festival aims to get people thinking about food and show them from a variety of perspectives how the things we eat influence the world we live in. There's a lot we can say about food – and at the same time, what we eat and how we eat it says a lot about us. For current programme information, see the Designhuis website, the Food Film Festival website, and the Food Film Festival's Facebook page.

Photo: Lizzy Kalisvaart
Food Design
Honey & Bunny's film trailer
More Food Culture events

Weds and Sats
Time: 1–5 pm
Booking not required except for groups of five or more


Harvest feast
Sat 29 Sept
Film: 4pm; booking not required
Dinner: 6.30pm; book at, €10 (not including drinks)


Curator's guided tour
On Sat 29 Sept at 2.30pm, curator Marije Vogelzang will lead a tour of the Food Culture exhibition for Designhuis visitors.