Design Debate: Cherry-pick design

Most larger cities have a design museum and autonomous design has dribbled into the collections of the big contemporary art museums. ‘Design’ objects are being sold through channels that were established for art, such as auction houses and commercial galleries. But, dedicated curated design exhibitions have (so far) not been part of the surge of design’s presence: curators who establish relations with designers, keep track of their development and are able to place changes in the design field in context are still under-represented.

This was the main topic at the Design Debate in June. The Design Debates take place on the last Wednesday afternoon of every month at the Designhuis in Eindhoven and focus on topics relating to design’s cultural, social and economic context. Admission is free and open to all. To book or find out more, visit the Design Debates website.



Eindhoven is striving to become the design capital of Europe. In this endeavour, the city receives support from a broad network of design professionals and galleries, from its smart, creative population, and of course from the world-famous Dutch Design Week.

A design capital needs a platform for improving and nourishing the climate for design, crossing boundaries with other disciplines, and connecting players and players-to-be in the field. To that end, Premsela, part of The New Institute established the Design Debates with the Design Academy Eindhoven; and MU.

An interactive light object makes up part of Studio Roosegaarde’s artwork Lunar at GGZ’s youth mental health centre in Breda.
Design Debates