Creative industry debate

The Netherlands’ economy is becoming Europe's most creative – at least, the Dutch government hopes so. The creative industry has made big gains in the past year. The government named it a key sector, and mergers created two new national institutions, the New Institute and the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, at the start of 2013.

But plenty of questions remain. For instance, what opportunities and possibilities does the creative industry offer, exactly? And who is making use of them – Philips? The national broadcasting companies? Artists? Small independent furniture makers? All of the above? How is the government implementing its ambitious plans? Furthermore, what is the place of the arts vis-à-vis the creative industry? And how can we ensure that all parties feel involved?

In conjunction with Boekman magazine’s 93rd issue, the New Institute and the Boekman Foundation will hold a Dutch-language discussion on the creative industry on Wednesday 13 February. Led by Valentijn Byvanck, it will feature contributions by creative producers including James Veenhoff, Afaina de Jong and Gilian Schrofer and opinions from experts including Valerie Frissen, Timo de Rijk, Paul Rutten, Harry Starren and Janny Rodermond. The event is sold out, but a waiting list is available.

Learn more about the government’s vision, statements and policies and what they might mean for your field. Come to the New Institute and talk to policymakers, creatives and foundation staff about the future of the creative industry in the Netherlands.

Creative industry debate
Date: Wed 13 Feb
Time: 2–5pm
Location: The New Institute, NAi building, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam
Language: Dutch
Admission: Free; sold out; waiting list available